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HAND Enterprise Solutions Europe B.V. (“HAND Europe”) is based in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, since 2019.  Our office is in the region known as “BrainPort” which is seen as the “European Silicon Valley”. 

HAND Europe is part of HAND Enterprise Solutions which was founded in 1996 in Shanghai, China, and is listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange since 2011 (stock code: 300170).  With 10.000+ employees, 5.000+ customers globally and 31.000+ projects to date, we are proud to state that we are the biggest IT solution provider in China – an extremely dynamic success story - and we are the most international one. 

Alongside rapid growth, the Company has retained an enabling management culture which brings out the best in employees at all levels.

Since 2007, HAND has set up subsidiaries outside China in Japan, Singapore, the United States, India, and the Netherlands (the European HQ). The goal for these subsidiaries is to greatly improve customer intimacy and provide local management and consultancy in the same country, time zone and preferably language.

HAND is a customer focussed service business and is able to provide implementations, upgrades and support to our clients, as well as facilities management, digital transformation and cloud systems on a global or local scale.

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